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The magic of our differences is there for us to find

Unlocking Fearless Inclusion

When Jina speaks, she invites people to think about the potential of us all just being real for a moment. She acknowledges our shared humanity and the commonality of everything we feel, validating individual identities, while shining a light on the fact that difference does divide us and we can overcome it. Jina helps us see the beauty in this and experience it along with her, while making it okay to be vulnerable and to create spaces of belonging.

She explores big questions:

What is fearlessness?

Why is it important to challenge the status quo?

And how does doing so empower us?

Passion. Motivation. Inspiration.

Jina says it like it is, and she shares her personal experiences, including the bumps, bruises, scratches, and mistakes she’s made along the way. Her stories help her audiences see a path forward to belonging through authenticity and vulnerability, and how to show up through challenging, uncomfortable, emotionally intense times by embracing our differences–and our similarities–in the crucible of forming true connection and belonging.

For over 17 years, Jina has created, developed, and delivered keynotes and main-stage sessions that pull her audience in, engage them in thinking differently, and open up their curiosity about practicing fearless inclusion. Her talks are practical and offer powerful tools that are immediately applicable to real-world situations.


She speaks on a variety of topics around fearless inclusion; bravery and commitment; intentionality and mindfulness; culture, identity and authenticity; the inherent diversity in all spaces where people are gathered; and the importance and power of belonging.

To intentionally create


Be tender.


Difference is beautiful.


It's there for you to find.


Everyone needs to be seen.


Be nice.
No seriously.
previous keynotes include:
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