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We help clients establish goals, measures and objectives for designing a strategy to cultivate a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture.  Strategy development starts with data collection, assessment, evaluation. We compare the results against industry data, trends and best practices inform goals and priorities aligned to the client's overarching strategic framework or plan.


We work with clients to identify initiatives, tactics and activities to  achieve long-term DEI goals and objectives. Strategy development includes identifying a framework, defining project parameters, setting operational milestones, establishing quantitative & qualitative measures to measure progress and link outcomes to existing strategic priorities. We then pull everything together to build an executable strategy


We assist in all aspects of implementation. We start with sequence strategic initiatives, then map out a project plan, that includes timelines periodic review, communications, interim reporting. We work with our clients to develop a detailed implementation plan that address risk, metrics, benchmarking, project management & oversight, and reporting.  We also identify a process for issue resolution.

People are at the core of all diversity & inclusion initiatives. When change happens at the individual level, the results are powerful, impactful and long-lasting.  This can be challenging work because it inevitably involves change and effects everyone in organization – executive leadership, employees, customers, vendors and the public.  It requires teams and working groups to have a healthy relationship with conflict and the ability to comfortably navigate uncomfortable conversations. Diversity, equity and inclusion impact the entire business ecosystem – systems, policies, processes, legal, employee experience, business development, branding, and community and social responsibility.
We work with our clients identify, develop, then execute on initiatives, programs or strategies that align with their organizational goals and strategic vision.

We coach executives, leaders and entrepreneurs to help them improve workplace relationships, team performance and interpersonal effectiveness by honing their self-awareness in real-time. They are better positioned connect with and navigate day to day interactions with diverse clients and colleagues with compassion, clarity and confidence.

Recent clients include:
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