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Our Approach

Over the years, our work helping leaders, entrepreneurs and teams drive innovation, improve operational efficiencies and spur growth has intersected with coaching and training to improve self-awareness and the ability to navigate conflict within teams.  Our work to understand these patterns has led to the development of Real-Time Awareness™ (RTA™) and Collaborate In Conflict™ (CiC™) – what we believe are core skills necessary for driving meaningful change in organizations.  

Real-Time Awareness™ is the ability to understand the impact you are having on others. Collaborate In Conflict™ is the ability to remain present so that you can continue working and engage with others during periods of discomfort, uncertainty, insecurity and distraction.  Everyone can develop Real-Time Awareness™ to better understand how they are being perceived and received.  They can also learn to Collaborate In Conflict™ to help their team mitigate risk and maximize opportunities for success. We believe these are the core skills needed to drive meaningful, enduring change. 

Together, RTA™ and CiC™ bridge the gap between diversity strategy and inclusive culture.  They offer concrete skills and practical solutions to build teams capable of leveraging their full diversity of thought to drive innovation, growth and lasting cultural change.



Programs designed to help leaders better understand the connection between diversity and high performing teams, and their role in fostering a more inclusive culture. 


Topics include:

  • The business case for D&I

  • The benefits of D&I

  • The impact of unconscious bias on group dynamics

  • Developing future leaders

  • Leading diverse teams





Programs to better understand systems and process related to D&I and the groups of people they champion and support. 

Topics include:

  • Different Types of Diversity

  • Building Equity through Compliance 

  • The Language of D&I

  • Assessing HR Process & Practice

  • Understanding D&I Data

  • Integrating D&I into Learning & Development 





Programs to understand the research behind and impact of unconscious bias, learn how to interrupt old patterns, and form strategies for engaging in uncomfortableconversations to connect across difference.

Topics include:

  • Real Time Awareness

  • Collaborate In Conflict

  • Navigating Sensitive Conversations

  • Risks of Assimilation

  • Code Switching

  • Belonging


Authenticity & Awareness

Programs designed to improve self-awareness to better understand how we are impacting others, and build confidence to bring our whole selves to work.

Topics include:

  • Self-Awareness

  • Authenticity

  • Mindfulness

  • Group Dynamics

  • Unwritten Rules

  • Workplace Norms

  • Organizational Intention

  • Personal Branding




Programs to help leaders, managers and staff communicate intention and better understand how their words, actions and behaviors impact others. 

Topics include:

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Listening spectrum

  • Micro-aggressions
  • Intent vs Impact

  • Facilitating uncomfortable conversation

  • Upward feedback

  • Inclusive Leadership

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