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SNH 2024 Program Materials

Ascend Leadership© Worksheets

Thank you for joining us for our 2-part series exploring the two sides of leadership: leading self and leading others. These sessions are inspired by our signature Ascend Leadership© programs.

Activity Worksheets

Click the PDF to download fill-in the worksheet for each session.

About Ascend Leadership©

Ascend Leadership© is a comprehensive, tiered leadership development program designed to lead professionals along the pathway from emerging managers to high-impact executives.

The core program is organized into two parts: Foundations and Mastery. From cultivating emotional intelligence and trust to mastering effective decision-making and nurturing influential stakeholder relationships, Ascend Leadership© helps participants build confidence, clarity, resilience, and executive presence.

  • Ascend Foundations©: is designed for emerging managers, to strengthen skills and develop core competencies that serve as the building blocks for effective leaders

  • Ascend Mastery©: is designed for experienced managers and focuses on refining leadership capabilities required to transition from senior management into executive leadership roles.


We also offer stand-alone courses, each designed around a specific theme or leadership or competency. From cultivating emotional intelligence and trust, to mastering effective decision-making, and nurturing influential stakeholder relationships.

Ascend Leadership© offers programs in multiple formats to equip participants with the essential skills, core competencies and leadership capabilities needed for success in today's dynamic business landscape. 

Ready to explore how to bring Ascend Leadership© to your organization?

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