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Group Activity:

The Scholarship

You are on the scholarship committee of a private university reviewing the applications for next year’s scholarships. Nine students have applied but only 2 scholarships are available. It is a full-ride scholarship (i.e., tuition, fees, housing, etc.). None of the students will be able to attend college without the scholarship.
Your Task

Award 2 scholarships based only on excerpts from each student’s application, provided below.

The Students


I'm an unwed mother of a 2-year-old boy. My son's father disappeared 3 months before Joshua was born. I still live with my parents but things are not good at home. I think they don't like to babysit for me when I want to go out with my friends. I am eighteen years old and work part-time at McDonalds after school to pay daycare expenses. In high school I was really good in business classes and am interested in the 2-year secretarial program in college so I can get a better job and support myself and my son.


I am 28 and an Egyptian who was raised in Al Hawamidiyah. I am a permanent resident of the US now. My family will soon come to be here with me and I will help them get established. The international student office encouraged me to apply for this scholarship. My English is improving rapidly – I can read newspapers and magazines easily. I am a very hard worker and learn things quickly. I know about business from my family and in Al Hawamidiyah. I want to study business here.


I'm 23 and was a very good student in high school but I didn't want to go to college for a couple years until I got my head together. Now I really want to come back to school to study social work -- I feel I can really help people. I discovered last year that I was HIV positive. I am taking AZT and I have no symptoms. I'll move back in with my parents so I can afford school. But this scholarship will make a real difference and give me the confidence I need.


I'm 18 and I spent the last 3 years in the county reform school. They said my juvenile record was really long. My parents were into drugs so I didn't have good role models. I had a good teacher in reform school who encouraged me and now I really like studying and reading. My buddies say the real money can be made in the streets, but I don't want to go to jail for the rest of my life. My friends think I'm crazy to spend so much time reading, but I think I could get ahead with a college education and would work hard if accepted.


I'm 17 and I played basketball in high school but I wasn't good enough to get an athletic scholarship to college. I coach basketball in our community center. I wasn't a great high school student because I played basketball and had to work too. But I did get through -- I was the first person to graduate in my family and I'll be the first person to try college. My mom is really proud of me. I want so much to succeed so I can be a coach--maybe in a high school. I want to help kids the way my teachers and coaches helped me.


I'm 18 and my aunt is raising me and my three brothers. I won some art contests in high school and my teacher said I really had potential. I love art but the other academic subjects in school were pretty boring. My boyfriend is pressuring me to get married and start a family, but I dream of making it big with my paintings. I work with people who went to college--they think I should go too. I think they are right.


I am 60 years old and just got my GED going to school at night. I have 4 children that I supported working nights as a custodian in a downtown office building. They are also trying to get through college. My wife died two years ago and we had no savings. I found out that I am a good student and can make good grades. I really like going to classes. This would be a marvelous opportunity for me.


I'm 18 and I've lived in a boy's home for the last 4 years because I couldn't get along with my mother. Last year my brother moved there too. I have never been a great student but I have done OK. The people at the home tell me I have lots of discipline. I like to read things like science fiction stories. I work 25 hours a week at a restaurant. Pretty soon I will have to move out and be on my own. This scholarship will help make sure I can do it.


I am 28, am divorced and have 3 young kids. One of my kids has bad asthma and misses a lot of school. My husband is always behind in the child support. I work part-time as a cook. I must get a better paying job so I can give my kids a better life. I live with my boyfriend and he helps me with the rent.  I want to study something like business or accounting or computers so I can get a good job. I was a pretty good student in high school--liked history, psychology, and English. I wasn't so good at math. I need this scholarship for my kids.

The Decision

Which students will be awarded a scholarship? Was there anything in particular that influenced the Committee’s decision?

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