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We believe hiding is the most dangerous thing we can do

Being seen is how we unlock our superpowers

Fearless Inclusion

Fearless inclusion is the freedom to be yourself and the ability to create space for others to do the same. It is the combination of intention and consistent action that shatters unseen barriers.


At Etienne Consulting, we coach and facilitate training and workshops using the practice of fearless inclusion.

What emerges from experiences and trainings using fearless inclusion is a soaring ability for people to be who they are, do what they naturally do, and allow superpowers to rise.

We love working with curious challengers, people willing to acknowledge and challenge the status quo.


Our work is based on the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks (or GDIB) model, developed by the Centre for Global Inclusion, an organization that provides research, resources and education to support the development and implementation of D&I best practices worldwide.

Our work is designed for people who persistently look forward, explore possibilities and seek change that can power transformation and vibrancy in an organization.


Clients come to us asking for help creating inclusive organizations.
Our answer: 
Start with belonging

Diversity focuses on demographics. Inclusion focuses on feelings. Both are important but distract from the real work: focusing on outcomes.  That is the work we do.

We help leaders create spaces where people can navigate bravely, confidently, vulnerably and openly. When people feel safe creating relationships, it is those relationships which help them feel connected, supported, safe, open and bonded at work.

Belonging is the outcome of the place you craft.

Interconnection running through us all

We are two wings of a bird. If the wings are not equal, the bird cannot fly. Unlike others who provide de rigeur training, at Etienne Consulting, we first honor and validate the individual insecurities of all who participate or attend.

As facilitators, we are not afraid to honestly invite in the elephant in the room. To focus on the practical takeaways, we always teach our audiences how to connect mindfulness and self-awareness to daily actions and words. 

As a result, audiences and participants leave with a greater awareness of individual and collective intentions, and the ability to align actions with intentions.

Meet Jina

Jina Etienne is the founder and CEO of Etienne Consulting. She practices fearless inclusion in her life, work and for organizations, individuals and leaders in retreats, workshops and kaleidoscope trainings. Her professional accomplishments include Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Grant Thorton and President and CEO of the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (NABA). She’s also enjoyed a 26+ year career in public accounting, and sweat equity in the Peloton community where she goes by “FearlesslyMe."

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"Jina conducted a firmwide Unconscious Bias training session for our staff.   Her presentation was both engaging and informative.  Jina's manner is approachable,  she intertwines her personal experiences with the material. We received positive feedback from our staff, I would highly recommend her."

Mark V. Dow, CPA, MST, Managing Principal

O'Connor & Drew PC

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